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Dear Wallace -

I'm sorry. Really. I'm sorry about what happened that you saw what you saw at Homecoming, and I'm sorry if I've been a little self-absorbed for a while since the bus crash since you met me lately. Still, my ego-centrism could never compare to Jackie's unbelievable narcissism, so I find it hard to believe that that was ever the real issue. Mostly I'm just sorry. I should have been there for you when it counted though if my attention was elsewhere it was your girlfriend's fault and I really screwed things up. I know that.

If I could do things differently, I would. Probably. But I learned a long time ago that you can't change the past ,and even if you could, it probably wouldn't be worth it it would just turn out badly. The most you I can do is resolve to change - to try and be the kind of friend that you deserve. After all, you've provided one heck of a good example. It'll be tough to live up to.

Of course, I could probably do an excellent job of running away to Chicago, but it's probably best if I don't mention that.

Let this letter serve as proof that I'm not as thick as history might suggest. Tack it to a bulletin board, make copies, run it in the Neptune Navigator, send a copy to Sheriff Lamb and gloat about how Veronica Mars was wrong about something - on second thought, don't do that last one - just please, please don't run away again. Neptune's just not the same without you.

Still BFFs?



P.S. I was just kidding about that Navigator stuff, too. Please don't do that, either.

P.P.S. I hope you liked the cookies. Please let me know if you'd like another variety of cookie; also, if you'd ever like me to stop sucking up, ever.

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