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Dear Younger Self (why yes, I do find the entire notion of writing a letter to myself as a child completely idiotic, why do you ask?),

You are very young and very naive - trust me when I say that you can’t possibly know what you’re in for. However, if there’s one thing that Back to the Future has taught me, it’s this: messing with history by providing information about the future to your historical self is bad news. Also that making out with someone you’re related to just feels intrinsically wrong, even if you’re totally unaware of your shared DNA. Let’s face it. There’s a lot to be learned from Back to the Future.

But let’s forget all of it, because it’s not like the present is anything to get excited about and besides - if writing this letter to Veronica 1.0 could change the future, then I probably wouldn’t be writing this letter, and that’s really too complicated to be thinking about. Anyway, how much could a few cryptic warnings possibly hurt?

First of all, Duncan Kane is not your brother. I know, I know. You didn’t need a note from someone claiming to be the future incarnation of you to tell you that, because of course Duncan Kane isn’t your brother. Trust me, it will matter later. Jake Kane is many things, but your father is not one of them.

He’s also not a murderer. Just FYI.

Other Neptune residents who aren’t, as far as I know, murderers, include: pretty much everybody in Neptune who isn’t Aaron Echolls, though the jury is still out on Weevil and his boys. It’s not like they’re above it or anything, they just really, really suck at it - as evidenced by the fact that Logan is still walking, talking, and generally being a jackass.

Which is - don’t get me wrong - a good thing. And maybe I shouldn’t be mentioning this, but a lot’s going to happen between you and Logan. Yes, Veronica. You and Duncan will break up. It all ties into that “Duncan Kane is not your brother” thing I was telling you about.

This, I’m sure, is piquing your curiosity. How, you are wondering, could I possibly date my boyfriend’s best friend? How could I date my best friend’s boyfriend?

Well, it’s complicated. I’ll leave it at that, lest I wreck your future entirely, because I know you. You’ll receive this letter with all the lurid details and you’ll go out of your way to change it all. The past couple of years may have been hell, but I’m guessing that recapturing my innocence would involve sacrifice. I liked what I had with Logan and I wouldn’t give up Wallace for anything.

Who’s Wallace? Trust me, you’ll love him.

Oh, there’s a warning for you, complete with flashing lights and sirens. Be a better friend to Wallace. Remember - BFF goes both ways.

Things are going to be hard, Veronica, I can’t possibly lie to you. Things are going to get a lot darker before - well, suffice it to say, they’re going to get a lot darker.

But don’t worry, you’re stronger than you look. You’ll make it through.

Say hi to Lilly for me.


Veronica Mars

P.S. Do us both a favor and don’t go to Shelly Pomroy’s End of the Year party, okay?
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