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Everybody who comes into Mars Investigations is looking for something – a long lost friend, a long lost lover, or even a lost pet. But the majority of people who walk into my dad’s office are convinced of one thing: that their significant other is cheating on them, and they’re willing to pay us a good amount of money for proof of their partner’s indiscretion. These people and their all-too-keen senses of betrayal have led to my spending more than one late night parked outside the Camelot, or some other sleazy motel, camera in hand and homework in the passenger seat, waiting patiently for the money shot so that I could go home and crash.

It was rare that the suspicious partner’s fears were unfounded, which really makes the PI business a depressing one to go into. Above all, it paints a really bleak picture of potential healthy relationships – if all of these people can’t succeed in love, what makes me think that there’s hope for me?

I try to be an optimist, really I do. I’ve taken my chance in love more than once, but I don’t exactly have genetics on my side. My mother was just another cheating wife, attempting to hide her secret trysts at the Camelot Motel with her high school sweetheart, Jake Kane. And let’s face it, my track record isn’t exactly perfect, either. I was still dating Leo the day I kissed Logan at – actually, the Camelot.

I believe in monogamy. I believe that if you find somebody that you love, you owe it to them to be faithful to them – or at least to be honest with them and tell them that it’s over before you run away. But in a town like Neptune, full of trophy wives and sleazy businessmen, honesty isn’t exactly anybody’s top priority.

I just know that I don’t want to end up on the other side of Vinnie Van Lowe’s camera lens. I’m better than that.

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