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Liars assume things - they assume that their secrets aren't going to catch up with them, and they think I won't find out what they're hiding. You know what they say about assumptions, though, and I won't even dignify it with repetition.

Oh, who am I kidding? Assumption? Ass? You, me, the whole shebang.

Here's the thing. If there's one thing I've learned at my father's knee, it's how to spot someone who isn't being entirely truthful. There's a little twitch of the eyes, usually, a flare of the nostrils. Usually they don't look at you, sometimes they'll stare right into your eyes to prove a point. Different styles for different people.

The important thing is this: once I've ascertained that someone's trying to hide something, I will go out of my way to find out what that something is. It's just me - it's who I am. And I've gotten really, really good at digging up the truth.

It's a thing. I'm a product of circumstance.

Lilly died because of secrets, because of lies. Because of Aaron Echolls, the man whose theme song could have been a taunting rendion of "liar, liar, pants on fire." But I shouldn't speak ill of the dead, no matter how evil he was.

But his lies, Lilly's secrets - they changed my life. They made me the person I am today, and really, I could've done without the heartache. The stress. The anger.

I don't know. I never used to have to separate fact from fiction this way, and that really sort of drives me crazy.

Fandom: Veronica Mars
Character: Veronica Mars
Word Count: 264


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