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120. What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done? (210 words)

It isn't like I intentionally put myself in peril - really, it's not - but it seems like trouble follows me wherever I go. The night I
figured out that Aaron Echolls killed my best friend? Prime example. I took so many precautions that night, too. Duncan was keeping an eye
out for Mr. Echolls, I called my dad and told him I was on my way
home, and I ran off the Kane estate as fast as my little legs would
carry me.

And still I managed to get locked inside a fiery refrigerator while
Logan's crazy dad taunted me via walkie talkie.

I guess, in a way, looking for Lilly's murderer was the most dangerous thing I've ever done. But who am I kidding? I was looking for a murderer and such people aren't exactly known for their sanity. When I decided to find out the truth, I was giving up my rights to normalcy.

In the end, I was just lucky that my dad was around to save my life.
If he hadn't been, I'd be toast. Literally.

But that's all past now. I'm still alive and kicking, and that's the
important thing. You know?

124. What was your childhood ambition? (250 Words)

When I was little, I wanted to be a princess. What little girl doesn't? I wanted to live in a castle in some amazing location and I wanted to wear fancy dresses and go to balls and meet the Queen of England. It wasn't a very original fantasy, I grant you, but Duncan fed into it.

The thing is, the Kanes are royalty - or as close to it as you can possibly come in Neptune. Being Duncan's girlfriend made me feel like
royalty by default, and it was just like a fairytale - except the evil stepmother was Celeste Kane, who was doomed to be my mother-in-law. It brings the fantasy a little bit closer to real life.

And even Duncan was like a fairytale prince - he was tall, handsome,
stoic, sensitive - everything a girl could possibly want in her dream
boy. When we were together, I'd drop off to sleep every night thinking about our futures and about how maybe we wouldn't live in a castle, but we'd live in a beautiful house that was hopefully very far away from Celeste (but right next door to Lilly and Logan) and we'd still have our grand parties and meetings with the Queen.

Sue me. I was naive.

Anyway, it took me a while to realize that life was not a fairytale,
and I've since had that lesson drilled into me over and over. Duncan
dumping me. Lilly dying. My rape-not-rape-rape. The bus crash. And
everything else.

Goodbye, innocence. Goodbye, childhood dreams.

127. Talk about a chance encounter that changed your life. (402 words)

It was raining the day she met Lilly – and Duncan, too, raining like it hardly ever does in Southern California. Gloomy skies, fat droplets of rain bouncing off the pavement, and thunder rolling in the distance – the weather was not being kind to Neptune. It didn’t seem to be bothering Lilly, though. She was dancing and singing and her clothes were drenched, but it was completely obvious to anybody observing that she couldn’t have cared less about such things if she tried.

Duncan was standing off to the side, stiffly holding an umbrella above his head and staring at Lilly with a little bit of awe, a little bit of disdain, and something resembling worry. His sister’s arms were stretched out in front of her, fingers splayed to catch the raindrops as they splashed into her palms. “C’mon, Donut,” she cried, pausing to glare at him half-heartedly, her lips betraying the trace of a grin. “Don’t be such a stick in the mud.”

She rolled her eyes at the barely perceptible shake of his head, and resumed her giddy dance – but as she shifted in space, she caught Veronica’s bystander gaze and stopped again. “Hey,” Lilly called out, and Veronica’s eyes widened. “I’m Lilly, who are you?”

Veronica froze, caught. The other girl stalked over, hands propped on her hips as she approached. “I’m Lilly,” she repeated, the smile widening. “Lilly Kane. Who are you?”

“I’m Veronica Mars.” Her voice sounded tinny against the backdrop of the rain and beside Lilly’s personality, but Lilly didn’t seem to mind – she just shimmied under Veronica’s umbrella and swung her sopping arm across Veronica’s shoulders.

“Well, Veronica Mars. That,” she said, pointing to Duncan, still standing stiffly but watching the two girls with interest, “is my boring little brother Duncan.”

Veronica smiled shyly, her hand rising in a short wave in his direction. He waved back, his hand barely moving. “Come on, Veronica,” Lilly added, plucking the umbrella out of the other girl’s hands. “Let’s dance. You’re already wet, so no big deal, right?”

She looked from Lilly to Duncan, then back to Lilly. “Okay,” she answered quietly, and Lilly gleefully tossed the umbrella to the side – before Veronica knew what was happening, Lilly had grabbed her hands and they were swinging in dizzy circles.

Five minutes later, they were best friends – six years later, and Veronica didn’t have a best friend at all anymore.

Fandom: Veronica Mars
Muse: Veronica Mars


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