Dec. 24th, 2007 04:50 pm
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I once stabbed a guy in the thigh with a unicorn [horn], just because it seemed like the prudent thing to do at the time. Don't pity him too much - he was a rapist.

I think that might have been when I lost my innocence.

Just kidding. I've been roofied, raped, my best friend was murdered, I organized a kinda-sorta kidnapping, I discovered a dead body in an ice machine, my alcoholic mom bailed with my college fund, and that's really just the short list. My innocence is really just a memory, and it's not even mine. It's my dad's. Speaking of which, this one time? I was on a building and this plane blew up, and I thought my dad was in it. It was... bad.

The time I stabbed the guy in the leg, though, that was really when I sort of lost my thing for unicorns. I mean, you're in a room with a sociopath, he's basically telling you his life story and you're just waiting for him to try and rape you and shave your head. Meanwhile, you're surrounded by... unicorns. They sort of lose their magic, especially after the horn-in-the-thigh doesn't actually save your life and you still end up stuffed full of GHB and wondering whether you can make a graceful landing on the pavement two stories down.

I didn't actually get raped that time, thanks to a rape whistle and a really good friend. I have a feeling Mercer probably wasn't so lucky in the long run, and he probably didn't have the benefit of GHB, either.

You know what they say, though.

Karma rules.


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